Little Black Pearl Art and Design Academy offers small class sizes in a collaborative learning environment. LBPA students receive a full CPS core curriculum using project based learning as a structural method of presenting academic rigor. Hands-on activities incorporate academic disciplines into the process of developing certain outcomes, products, or experiences. This approach gives each child an opportunity to identify personal strengths that elevate levels of confidence in their ability to learn, interpret, comprehend, and produce particular outcomes.

Little Black Pearl Art and Design Academy teaches the “Business of Art”. We believe that an art infused curriculum can be integral in creating a healthy, socially responsible, and sustainable community. In addition to strong academic curriculum our faculty includes certified art instructors that work professionally in their respective vocation.

LBPA Arts Electives:

  • General and Advanced Art

  • Jewelry/ Textile Design

  • Architectural/ 3D Design

  • General and Advance Digital Imaging

  • Photography/ Film Making

  • Music Theory/ Music Production

  • Graphic Arts

  • Dance

  • Glass Blowing