Little Black Pearl Art and Design Academy (LBPADA) prepares a broad spectrum of students for the business of artin a non-traditional high school environment that encompasses academic excellence, arts infused education, service learning and social justice principles


Little Black Pearl Art & Design Academy (LBPADA) vision is to provide a unique creative education and business environment that nurtures and promotes the product of design, originality, and imagination. LBPA builds on a school culture that promotes life-long learning and ingenuity.


Little Black Pearl Art & Design Academy (LBPADA) holds the following to be true:

 As educators, we control and are ultimately responsible for the conditions that lead to the success or failure of our students in our school.

 Education must be relevant to our students; as educators, we must provide opportunities for them to discover a reason to learn.

 We, as educators, must break the underdevelopment cycle and create a psycho-social support structure as a part of the educational process.

 Education is a collaborative process that supports the development of all students.

 It takes a community to provide an education that our youth deserve.

 Education is liberating; as educators, we must create visceral experiences to get students to look at the world from different perspectives.